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  • drawing from observation
  • research and theory
  • cross curricular activities
  • abstraction and textural
  • critical theory
  • portraiture

Welcome to School of Thought


School of Thought is an educational network to enhance the learning environment of the school, home or community. The website is one whole subject Art & Design on-line with specialized workshops on Drawing, Painting & Critical Theory techniques. The resources incorporated on the website are linked to the National Curriculum, OCR and AQA objectives.

I would like to offer the opportunity of Practical or Critical Theory Workshops that are ideally suited for Autumn term development within your School, College or University, as well as presenting a virtual tour of the contents of the website within your educational environment. All the digitally recorded practical and critical theory workshops are accompanied by a commentary narration of technical skills and informative knowledge.

The critical theory workshops are a combination of creative writing and strategic analytical thinking to reveal the hidden narrative or concept within any art form. This further develops and bridges the gap between History of Art and Fine Art practical concepts and can be used to explore the subject of English language and expression through another medium.

It is designed for trainee, newly qualified and experienced teachers and students alike and focuses upon independent learning and personal development towards attaining knowledge. My objective is to develop Learning & Teaching and expand knowledge based upon piloted and researched evidence.

I have collaborated with feeder schools from the top down. For example: Liverpool Hope University, Edge Hill University teacher training college; Secondary and Primary schools and a Special Needs school to show that the strategies I have designed are transferable across the whole learning range, allowing for the opportunity in the development of fast tracking and personal development towards attaining creative knowledge. It is also suited for SEN and pupils excluded from mainstream education, as art combined with creative strategic writing can offer another route through personal expression, often allowing for an opportunity for personal hidden emotional and psychological self-expression. The website offers a broad range of materials which highlights various areas of practical and critical theoretical concepts which include cognitive skills relating to Art & Design.

 The main aim of School of Thought is to bring together the often disparate worlds of Art Theory and Art Practical, enabling the learner to make much more informed outcomes, whatever their theme or topic may be. Using the creative thinking skills that these learning resources provide, as well as the practical, technical and critical theory videos, the learner is able to generate a wider range of outcomes and importantly to be able to discuss them using in-depth terminology.

 As an introduction to this website I am offering one free workshop of your choice when you subscribe. Subscription is annually. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further details or information regarding workshops or subscription.


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